Vf 31 and other military items for sale today on ebay.

Usn Vf-31 Tomcatters Taill Patch
Usn Vf-31 Tomcatters

Worstpac 2000 Vf-31 Cvn-72 Patch
Worstpac 2000 Vf-31

Vf-31 F-14 Tomcat Triangle Patch
Vf-31 F-14 Tomcat

Vf-31 Navigator Name Tag Patch
Vf-31 Navigator Name

Vf-31 Patch Westpac 1994
Vf-31 Patch Westpac

Vf-31 Patch Oif Felix Of Arabia
Vf-31 Patch Oif

Vf-31 Patch Tomcat Last Show Baby
Vf-31 Patch Tomcat