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English Military Spurs With Side Rowells
English Military Spurs

Original Model 1859 U.s. Cavalry Spurs
Original Model 1859

Civil War Broken Spur
Civil War Broken

Wwii Spur Straps Nos
Wwii Spur Straps

Civil War Officers Trouser Spurs
Civil War Officers

Dug Civil War Spur Parts
Dug Civil War

Cavalry Officers Boot Spur
Cavalry Officers Boot

Civil War Officers Spurs
Civil War Officers

Wwii German Wehrmacht Riding Spurs
Wwii German Wehrmacht

U.s. Calvary Spurs Marked U.s. A.b.
U.s. Calvary Spurs

Us Army Officer Spurs 1888 73-a
Us Army Officer

18851902-pattern Us Cavalry Spurs 96-b
18851902-pattern Us Cavalry